Support Personnel Accountability Report Card
SPARC Examples
Commitment to career and college readiness

You will find SPARC useful for demonstrating your commitment to preparing your students for career and college success.

Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC)

SPARC 2015-16 process begins October 1, 2015

SPARCs are due by 5:00 p.m., March 4, 2016

SPARCs are developed during an annual, voluntary, continuous-improvement process that identifies key career and college readiness student outcomes achieved through the collaborative work of a school’s Student Support Team. Using SPARC Online, schools create and submit their SPARC electronically which means no copying, faxing, or e-mailing!

SPARC Instructions contain the requirements for each section of the SPARC and include standards alignment information and operational definitions. To view the instructions, click on the Instructions button above. These instructions are also included inside the SPARC Online tool so you can access them while completing your SPARC. Visit Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about composing and submitting your SPARC.

SPARC Schools are solely responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information or data contained in their SPARC. The California Department of Education will review SPARCs for adherence with the content and formatting requirements as described on this website. Approval of participation is contingent on addressing all content and format requirements.

SPARC Examples show what your finished SPARC will look like. Go to the Instructions page (button above) and look at the examples for elementary, middle, and high school. You can view last year’s SPARCs by going to the Support Personnel Accountability Report Card 2014–15 web page on the California Career Center.

SPARC Completion is recognized by adding the SPARC Seal to the SPARC and sending a Certificate of Participation to all schools meeting the submission requirements.

Use SPARC to increase awareness about the impact your Student Support Team is having on student development of career and college readiness skills. SPARCs are used by schools to:

All California K–Adult schools may submit a SPARC to the California Department of Education’s California Career Resource Network for review and recognition. If you school does not already have a SPARC account, you can create a new account using the Sign Up form.